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Finance Division


To provide advice to the Regional Director on the financial resource of the region and provide services in budgeting, accounting, reporting and coordinating with government oversight agencies.

Specific Functions:

  1. Install and implement in the region the required financial systems (budgeting, accounting and reporting) for improved productivity, efficiency and timely completion of government transactions
  2. Prepare and consolidate budget proposals including supporting justifications and explanations
  3. Prepare/process the following:
  4. Fund estimates to support the Region’s plans and programs subject to set budgetary ceilings and assist in the execution and control of the approved budget of the Region; and
  5. Payrolls and salary checks/ ATMs of all public elementary and non-IUs secondary school teachers and non-teaching personnel, including remittances of authorized deductions and maintain records of the same
  6. Prepare and submit financial statements and reports and certify to availability of funds and/or allotments and to the correctness of vouchers, journals, bills, and other financial reports;
  7. Provide the Regional Director with the necessary staff advice, assistance, and services on budgetary, financial management matters;
  8. Develop and establish procedures in monitoring and supervision of divisions’ physical and fiscal resources
  9. Formulate, in coordination with the RDC, the budget to support the regional educational plan which shall take into account the educational plans of the divisions
  10. Monitor and assess the schools divisions regarding:
  11. Resource mobilization and utilization; and
  12. Compliance with the existing rules and regulations
  13. In coordination with the FTA Division, provide technical assistance to the schools division offices as regards budget and finance services

Accounting Services

Maintains financial records and reports to provide management with information for decision making and accounting reports to oversight agencies to ensure the proper utilization of funds in accordance with accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Budgeting Services

provides management with economical, efficient, and effective budgeting services and reliable and timely financial information for decision making towards the cost-effective allocation and utilization of financial resources of the region.

Payroll Services


Chief, Finance Division
Office of the Division Chief:
Maria Concepcion R. Salcedo - Supervising Admin. Officer
BUDGET SECTION Lucshil G. Pioquinto - Budget Officer III Muhammad Yusuf J. Sali - Budget Officer II ACCOUNTING SECTION Waren Y. Indoc - Accountant III Aeanne M. Filoteo - Accountant II Maria Christy N. Maalam - Accountant II Bryan E. Rule - Accountant I Melvin A. Fabian, Jr. - Accountant I Fritzie Lynn T. Cabilin - Accountant I April Joy S. Sinajon - Admin. Asst. III Genevieve R. Techo - Admin. Asst. V Gerson V. Serafin - Data Encoder