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KSTHS Acquires First UV-C Disinfection Chambers
November 13, 2020| by: Julive B. Tupino

KSTHS Acquires First UV-C Disinfection Chambers

The UV-C Chamber works in disinfecting GIYA modules. EPS Estrelita Pena (in red) inspects the machine while SH Gernin Larano (1st from left side) and KSTHS’ teacher Engr. Dexter Sendiong (center) explain how the system works.


Kabasalan Science and Technology High School (KSTHS) is the first out of the 505 schools within the Division that utilizes the UV-C disinfecting facility. This move is to ensure that teachers are safe and protected while doing their jobs in this new normal of education.

The said facility is used to disinfect learners’ modules upon their return to school before teachers can go over them and check answers.

This facility uses ultraviolet lamps which are installed in a square-like aluminum containers and operated in secluded chambers. There is a switch operating system that ensures the safety of the operators away from direct exposure to UV-C emission and radiation. Warning signage is in placed to warn other employees that disinfecting is on-going.

Teachers in-charge of the procedure used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves. These include gloves, masks and goggles.

The usage of this technology is not without the basis of international researches. Among these is that of Boston University which validate the effectiveness of  Signify’s UV-C light sources on deactivating the virus that causes COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Griffiths, Associate Professor of Microbiology at Boston University School of Medicine said, “Our test results show that above a specific dose of UV-C radiation, viruses were completely inactivated. In a matter of seconds, we could no longer detect any viruses.”

Signify is the leader of the UV-C light sources and has been at the forefront of UV technology for more than 35 years. It has a proven track record of innovation in UV-C lighting, which is designed, manufactured and installed in line with the highest safety standards.

The school’s Disinfection Team leader Engr. Dexter S. Sendiong with his members has made use of Philips UV lamps (Signify’s line of products) to ensure quality results in the disinfection.

The Disinfection Team of the school, namely Engr. Dexter S. Sendiong, Roberto Caliora and Jhake Torrefranca, has conducted a dry-run on the use of this UV-C disinfect+ion mechanism and all the safety precautions were considered. Using the three UV-C disinfection chambers, the team has disinfected 300 modules in a span of 12 minutes. Disinfection was done before the distribution of the modules and after the retrieval of the modules.

The school is likewise aware of the latest controversy on the mishap of using the UV light reported last September 21, 2020 in CNN Philippines that has prompted the Department of Health to warn against the use of UV light. Nonetheless, the school has opted to implement this as a result of the other studies conducted, which vouched for UV-C’s effectiveness in inactivating viruses. The school ensures that the disinfection is done in controlled facilities and the team members are abreast in the latest information and are trained to do this.