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KNHS Pioneers DIY Module Disinfectant Device
November 26, 2020| by: Friend Hayzer S. Gregorio

KNHS Pioneers DIY Module Disinfectant Device

LEFT: If you can dream it then you can do it! Sir Alden Roy Aure (one of the innovators) is checking the wirings of the Improvised Light Chamber Disinfectant (ILCD) and monitors the temperature of the ILCD.  
RIGHT: Panigurado, patay ang mga mikrobyo! Ma’am Haydee S. Gregorio starts harvesting the modules retrieved inside the ILCDgeared with personal protective equipment such as face shield and gloves.

Last October 1, 2020, DepEd has started distributing modules to parents and guardians. In Zamboanga Sibugay, these modules are called GIYA (Guided, Integrated, Yearning, Activities), a visayan word which means to guide and to provide a fun-filled learning experiences to learners at the confines of their homes. But there is no assurance that those modules are COVID-free.

It is at this juncture that Kabasalan National High School (KNHS) has come up with a local invention called the Improvised Light Chamber Disinfectant (ILCD). This is a module-disinfectant facility to ensure all modules returned and are to be checked by teachers are safe.

Returned modules were placed inside the chamber and being disinfected to eliminate unwanted microbes. The ILCD was invented by the brilliant teachers of KNHS namely Dennis Antigua, Alden Roy Aure, Rodelo Eulogio, Almond Montegrejo, and Julius De Asis. These teachers are innovation forerunners of KNHS as they trail blazed a significant improvised device to fight and kill viruses and bacteria. Indeed, this is a remarkable invention that will surely aid not just the school, but the entire division as well. If advocated, the entire Zamboanga Peninsula can even benchmark on this low-cost initiative.

According to the aforementioned teachers, they have been thinking ways on how they can help their fellow teachers fast track modules disinfectant procedures and came to realize such device. “With the leadership and guidance of Ma’am Lhorelle L. Cabalida, we were able to create this disinfectant device. This can cater at least 250 modules every 15 minutes”, Montegrejo said. “We used [some] recycled materials to lessen the expenses and most importantly, to help our nature”, he added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that heating at 56oC kills the SARS coronavirus at around 10000 units per 15 minutes (quick reduction). Hence, virus loses infectivity after exposure to different commonly used disinfectants and fixatives. The teacher-inventors primarily used mercury lamp, insulator and other vital materials to dispatch the virus at 60oC. According to Eulogio, they did series of tests and temperature reading to assure that modules are fully disinfected.

Though, besieged with this COVID challenge but the education sector does not stop looking for ways to sustain education. This paves the way for a wider spectrum of possibilities, and to learn new things, - to be innovative and to share what works. This too, shall pass, as they said. Together, we will rise.