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Ubay NHS gets tank with lavatory from DPWH
March 22, 2021| by: Lury Fel Torregoza

Ubay NHS gets tank with lavatory from DPWH

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of  Osukan, Labason, Zamboanga del Norte installed a water tank with lavatory at Ubay National High School (UNHS), Labason which  was formally turned over on January 22. 

It was installed at the back of the two-story Senior High School building which consisted of a catchment area represented by the roof, conveyance system through gutters and storage in the form of a round, above-ground rainwater tank with the addition of lavatory that will facilitate hand washing practices. 

Dr. George C. Templado, school principal of UNHS, expressed his gratitude to the DPWH for providing the said project. According to him, the water system is an efficient source of water supply in the school especially now that water pipes from the water reservoir are in need of major repair. He stressed that water supply was a problem of UNHS but finally resolved through the said undertaking. “It is an innovative way of collecting water with minimal cost and beneficial effects to the environment,” he said. 

The Rain Water Collection System (RWCS) is a national project of DPWH that aims to provide communities and public schools with rainwater harvesting system. The said department launched RWCS to help public institutions meet their basic need for sufficient, accessible and safewater supply.